About Us

The Druridge Bay Partnership is an informally constituted group of stakeholders, working through a Steering Group, which includes local authorities, landowners, businesses and town/parish councils. It was established in September 2003 and the Steering Group acts as:

• A focus and leader for the development, co-ordination and implementation of the Strategic Plan for Druridge Bay, defined as the coast and land area between the Rivers Lyne and Coquet and to the East of the A1068 highway

• A channel for communicating with the wider Partnership and providing a forum for discussion on issues affecting Druridge Bay

• A forum to discuss issues directly impacting on Druridge Bay

• A focus for providing a consensus response to plans, strategies, developments or activities which may have a direct or indirect effect on Druridge Bay.

• A leader in developing recommendations for the future development and organisational status of the Partnership to put to the wider membership.

Membership of the Druridge Bay Partnership Steering Group:

• East Chevington Parish Council
• Togston Parish Council
• Amble Town Council
• Lynemouth Parish Council
• Ellington and Linton Parish Council
• Hauxley Parish Council
• Cresswell Parish Council
• Widdrington Parish Council
• Northumberland County Council
• Alnwick District Council
• Castle Morpeth Borough Council
• Environment Agency
• Northumberland Wildlife Trust
• National Trust
• The Grainger Trust
• Member from the local community representing business and tourism
• Member from the local community representing landowners and managers